Kelheim Fibres at the Index 2020: New viscose...
Kelheim Fibres at the Index 2020

New viscose specialty fibers

Stefan Kierer
Viscose specialty fibers
Viscose specialty fibers

Under the motto “Wood-Based Alternative” the viscose specialty fiber manufacturer Kelheim Fibres GmbH, Kelheim/Germany, will present its newest specialty fibers made from the renewable raw material wood at the Index 20, which is now set to take place from October 20-23, 2020.

Fully biodegradable and manufactured according to the strict German environmental regulations, these fibers offer an alternative to petroleum-based materials in end products while maintaining or even enhancing their functional performance.
The new specialty fiber Danufil QR, which is specifically designed for use in disinfectant wipes, will also be on show. While standard viscose fibers bind up to 80 % of so-called quats (quarternary ammonium compounds, a common disinfectant) and so prevent the wipes from being effective, the positively charged Danufil QR fiber can reduce this undesired effect to less than 10 %. At the same time, the fiber has high softness, very good fluid management and is full biodegradability.
The Galaxy fiber is the world’s leading tampon fiber – new are the results of a test that proves the positive effect of Galaxy in the ADL (acquisition distribution layers) element of sanitary pads. In comparison to other sustainable and conventional (synthetic) materials, the fiber has the advantage in sanitary pads by faster acquisition, lower rewetting and enhanced distribution of the liquid in the pad. Galaxy can substitute up to 70 % of the synthetics in ADL in feminine hygiene pads and is a step forward towards a completely bio-based solution for feminine hygiene products.
Viloft short-cut for flushable wipes as well as a broad range of other viscose specialty fibers for nonwovens applications will also be on show

Danufil, Galaxy, Viloft = registered trademarks

Kelheim Fibres at the Index 2020: Stand 2415

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