Kelheim Fibres: Partner of ETP in strategic p...
Kelheim Fibres

Partner of ETP in strategic programs

Kelheim Fibres

The manufacturer of viscose specialty fibers Kelheim Fibres GmbH, Kelheim/Germany, has partnered with the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing (ETP), Brussels/Belgium, in 2 strategic programs: “Bio-Based Fibers” and “Circular Economy”.

Against the backdrop of the increasingly important sustainability debate, fundamental changes inside the textile supply chain are taking place. The two 3-year ETP programs “Bio-Based Fibers” and “Circular Economy” are a clear response to this. The goal is to bring key players from industry and science together to develop a long-term strategy to actively shape the sustainable realignment of the European textile industry. Kelheim’s fibers are made from the renewable material wood and they are fully biodegradable at the end of their product lifecycle. As an alternative to crude-oil based materials, these fibers are becoming increasingly popular in various applications. Part of the reason for this is the fact that the specialty fibers can be functionalized during the production process to give them the exact properties that are required for different end uses. In terms of performance, they can keep up with synthetic materials.


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