Karl Menzel at the Index 2020: Technology for...
Karl Menzel at the Index 2020

Technology for winding, coating and laminating

The machine portfolio to be presented at the Index 2020 from October 20-23 by Karl Menzel Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co., Bielefeld/Germany, includes big batching device systems, contact, turret and special winders, as well as supporting rollers, re-rolling devices, festooning systems, and coating and laminating lines.

These are applicable for various materials, e.g. foil, paper, textiles, technical textiles, nonwovens, sensitive membranes and airlaid materials. One focus is the construction of customized machines for the hygiene and medical technology sector.
Manually operated as well as fully automatic systems can be used for unwinding and winding, longitudinal and cross-cut, for finishing and roll change as well as coating and laminating.
In most cases the production of films, nonwovens and other materials is a continuous manufacturing process. Here, too, solutions are offered to avoid stopping the production line during roll change. This is possible with the accumulators and fully automatic contact and turret winders.

Karl Menzel at the Index 2020: Stand 2100

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