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New digital technology to boost textile quality control


With the introduction of the new C-Ray, U-Ray sensors of the Marveloc sensor family and AI-driven vision technology the supplier of inline thickness and weight measurement systems Hammer-IMS NV, Hasselt/Belgium, drives quality control of advanced coated and multilayer textile manufacturing.

A capacitive C-Ray sensor is well suited for compact, low-cost measuring applications in plastic film extrusion. Also a digital ultrasound U-Ray sensor has been introduced. This has been accomplished by upgrading analogue ultrasound sensing with digital signal processing techniques (DSP) to enable ultrasound wave phase detection. The U-Ray sensor fits solutions for battery film applications, thanks to its capability to measure through metallic materials.
At the same time, the company continues to sharpen its innovative digital M-Ray technology, making it also able to address heavy-weight carpets and thick bitumen products, for example. The M-Ray based measuring solutions are perceived as a safe and environmental-friendly alternative compared to radioactive measurement systems. As part of a Belgian funded research project, Hammer-IMS is further extending its M-Ray technology in the higher terahertz frequency-range. This introduces even higher measurement performance and accuracy, and allows quality control on higher-grade products such as multilayers and composites
By combining multiple technologies from the Marveloc line of M, C and U-Ray sensors, manufacturers are able to retrieve even more information from measurements taken with a single Hammer-IMS machine.
Textile and nonwovens producers configure their measuring solutions by selecting the appropriate Marveloc sensors (M-Ray, C-Ray and U-Ray) or machine vision (Edge-Vision-4.0) and mechanical platform. When the machine is performing its task in the field, it is both practical and productive to remotely monitor the production process. This is particularly useful in the corona pandemic when traveling is limited.
In November 2020 Hammer-IMS received the “Young Export Potential” prize of the Flemish company network VOKA Limburg in the category of promising companies, which resolutely opt for export to drive business growth.

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