H.B. Fuller at the Index 2020: New technologi...
H.B. Fuller at the Index 2020

New technologies and adhesives solutions

H.B. Fuller

The Swiss company H.B. Fuller Europe GmbH, Zurich, is showing the next generation technologies and adhesives solutions at the Index which enable natural substrates’ bonding to address the rising demand for eco-friendly articles and support producers’ own sustainability, efficiency and regulatory goals.

Eco-consciousness is indeed a reality and a major global trend. In the hygiene industry, what began as a differentiation effort by start-ups in the industry has now become a global effort by brand owner. Regulatory pressures, circular economy, the importance of traceability and transparency, mobile applications that allow consumers to easily check ingredients, and other measures such as the United Nations SDGS goals, have made it imperative for manufacturers to focus on sustainability through their entire product lifecycle.
H.B. Fuller supports manufacturers’ own sustainability and efficiency journey in 3 ways: deliver leaner, imagine greener and discover cleaner.
Deliver leaner with a range of innovative adhesives and smart technical service that increases line efficiencies and enables a leaner manufacturing process for increased productivity. The product portfolio includes higher mileage products, lower application temperature grades and automated delivery system to simplify the adhesive handling process.
Imagine greener with the company’s latest product innovations that include high-performance bonding solutions for more demanding natural substrates, adhesives with increasing bio-based content or even reducing carbon footprint with alternative packaging.  Discover cleaner with the proven expertise and global capabilities to help hygiene manufacturers address the rising demand for ingredients’ transparency and safety driven by consumer groups and NGOs. Helping manufactures globally to deliver safe articles that are compliant or even at lower limits versus industry Substance of Interest (SOI) targets.

The Index has been postponed and will now take place from October 20-23, 2020 in Geneva/Switzerland.

H.B. Fuller at the Index 2020: Stand 1522

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