H.B. Fuller: Sustainable adhesive for natural...
H.B. Fuller

Sustainable adhesive for natural-based hygiene articles

H. B. Fuller

The increasing demand for more natural-based hygiene articles means that new adhesive innovations are required. The supplier of adhesives, H.B. Fuller, St. Paul, MN/USA, has launched the sustainable adhesive solution Full-Care 5885 by combining high-performance 100% cotton bonding at low cost.

Around the world, consumers of disposable hygiene products are seeking more environmentally-friendly products. Cotton-based articles are in high-demand and set to continue apace. Cotton, with its soft, breathable properties, is increasingly considered as the natural choice for sustainable hygiene products, particularly baby diapers and feminine care. The new cotton bonding hygiene construction adhesive solution supports manufacturers operate in a more sustainable way. Full Care 5885 has a high wet strength, low odor and a light color. It offers extra assurance as it meets the certification requirement of the Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex Association, Zurich/Switzerland. Other common natural-based or renewable substrate choices are viscose, typically made from cellulosic fibers and polylactic acid (PLA) or the substrate can be a blend of both.



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