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H.B. Fuller

All-in-one elastic attachment adhesive solution

H.B. Fuller

The latest generation of elastic attachment adhesives with Full-Care 8220 has been launched by the supplier of adhesives, H.B. Fuller, St. Paul, MN/USA, to better serve the nonwovens hygiene industry, which is increasingly using elastic materials.

This all-in-one elastic attachment adhesive demonstrates very good creep and sheer strength performance across all key adult and baby diaper applications. The new solution addresses e.g. leakage and blowouts, identified as the number one consumer pain point, according to the company’s latest study.
The market trends for training pants, adult incontinence products, and alternative product designs with stretch features are driving the increase in elastic usage. Also, various elastic features, such as doubled cuffs and stretchable cores, in alternative product designs aim at improving fit and preventing core sagginess after insult. As an all-in-one elastic attachment adhesive, Full-Care 8220 can be used for these applications.
When tested against the industry standard elastic adhesive, Full-Care 8220 demonstrated very good creep resistance at the lowest industry coat weights, robust sheer strength for high-stress tear, tab and insert attachment applications, reliable curved elastic attachment performance on curved application for improved article fit, potential for savings, with up to 25% add-on reduction on key industry substrates, and very good processability across various machine types, allowing for higher productivity and minimized downtime for hygiene manufacturers.

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