Graute at the Index 2020: From bale opening t...
Graute at the Index 2020

From bale opening to web formation

Graute High Performance Card with high-speed exit
Graute High Performance Card with high-speed exit

The product portfolio of Graute GmbH, Senden/Germany, covers the full range of machines for the manufacturing of nonwovens, from bale opening and machines for mixing and fine opening, through to complete airlay plants and carding systems with cross lapper and web drafters.

New for Graute Nonwoven is the area of winding technology (see p. 10), in which winders for web materials are produced. In addition to the classic turret winders and large roll winders, offline systems specially tailored to the individual needs of the customers as well as fully automatic high-speed slitting units are also offered.
All of the machines follow a special design concept to make them as maintenance friendly as possible and minimize downtimes. This aim is achieved, among other things, with large inspection windows for optimum visual controls and individual, retractable sections. This makes it possible, for instance, to completely take the Graute card apart, which significantly improves accessibility to the individual rolls and considerably simplifies cleaning and maintenance.
The mixing roller opener CMO-W2 is another innovation which ensures a very good mix of the different fiber types and a gentle dissolution of the fiber flakes by already continuously feeding 2 types of fiber at the first opening point. As a result, the production capacity of the opening can be significantly increased and the use of large space-consuming mixing boxes is no longer necessary.
Another topic that has become increasingly important in recent years is the recycling of edge stripes and deposit rolls. Here, an opening machine has been developed that can reopen very heavily consolidated materials and return this material to the process, which previously had to be disposed of for a fee. This results in a considerable savings potential since no disposal costs are incurred and fewer new fibers have to be used to produce the product. As a result, the payback period of the carding opener is usually well below 1 year.
Another of the company’s mainstays is the conversion of existing plants or complete modernizations.
The Index 20 has been postponed, and will now take place from October 20-23, 2020.

Graute at the Index 2020: Stand 4226

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