Flocus: Sustainable and regenerative kapok fi...

Sustainable and regenerative kapok fibers


Kapok is a non-food, vegan product that leaves no human footprint behind. Flocus BV, Enschede/Netherlands, offers a range of kapok textile materials such as fibers, yarns, textiles and nonwovens, which provide the textile industry with a naturally sustainable and regenerative alternative which has not been available before.

Flocus, also the name of the trademarked fiber, is a 100% sustainable open source textile concept in which buyers can tailor blend their needs for their sustainable collection. The company is producing and selling the wide range of applications of Flocus kapok stuffing, yarns, fabrics, nonwovens for thermo and sound insulation, waddings, foam replacement, medical, automotive and technical uses and others.
Kapok is a natural fiber, traditionally used e.g. by local population in China and Indonesia for fillings but with no large-scale applications. The short staple fiber (2-4 cm length) is very light and hollow, and is characterized by a silky soft and dry touch of the fiber itself, antimoth and antimite properties as well as insulation properties comparable to down.
Kapok comes from a non-food fruit crop (Ceiba pentandra) that grows in many subtropical areas. They can be picked, like an apple, leaving the tree to grow and prosper. The kapok trees need no irrigation, no pesticides, and no fertilizers, they thrive only with natural resources. They can grow on hills, in a biodiverse environment, and on land which is not suitable for agricultural purposes – resulting in 100% positive impact on the environment.

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