Edana: Outlook 2021 offers Company Space opti...

Outlook 2021 offers Company Space option


A fully interactive digital experience, Outlook 2021 from April 21-23, 2021 is now additionally offering Company Space at Outlook. This is an immersive networking experience at the virtual conference through an event and matchmaking platform.

Participants speak directly with a company through a live chat displayed on their page. It will be possible to receive inbound connection and video meeting requests from participants, schedule video meetings with participants and access the participation list and receive personalized suggestion of qualified leads. It also presents an opportunity to showcase products/services, download reports, white papers and brochures in a designated space (unlimited) and to display products and services in a dedicated section. News from the company will be published in the “news” section and it will be possible to collect the data of the people met in the space (profile, score, tags, notes, contact details, etc.) and export it.
Companies are also able to access the analytics of their space and to receive detailed profile data of participants who have either visited their space, downloaded documents or checked products.
For further information: www.edana.org

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