DiloGroup at the Index 2020: Custom productio...
DiloGroup at the Index 2020

Custom production systems


DiloGroup, Ebersbach/Germany, offers tailor-made production systems from one supplier and will provide information about its portfolio and the latest equipment developments from fiber opening to the finished felt at the Index, which has been postponed to October 20-23, 2020.

A new, simplified elliptical needle beam drive also makes Hyperpunch technology attractive for standard application. Hyperpunch HaV allows a more uniform stitch distribution in the pre-needling process especially in combination with the new needle pattern 6000X. In a complete needling line this felt homogenization process can be improved further. The new needle pattern 8000X is a milestone in the needle pattern development process and results in end-product surfaces with low markings over a wide range of advances/stroke.
The 3D-Lofter, which was first presented during ITMA 2019, offers a wider range of nonwovens applications by exploring the 3rd dimension. A series of single web forming units which work according to the aerodynamic web forming principle deliver defined fiber masses in varied patterns on a base needlefelt. A stress oriented production of technical formed parts resulting in fiber savings or patterned Di-Lour or Di-Loop felts without repeat are 2 examples for this technology which explores new application areas for needlefelts.
The 3D-Lofter technology may also be used “inverted” for filling up bad spots in web mats and thus achieves a better homogeneity of spunlace or airlay products.
The DiloLine 4.0 concept offer I4.0 modules which not only support the user but also facilitate quality control and maintenance by a maximum data transparency in production and control of operation. The Dilo solutions “Smart Start” for a fully automatic start of the production line or “Di-Lowatt” for energy savings are accompanied by Siemens solutions which can be selected via app or data cloud “MindSphere”.
Apart from machines for needling technology, together with partner companies production lines including thermobonding and hydroentangling components are also on offer.

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