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Curran Biotech

Nanotech filter coating in fight against corona pandemic

Curran Biotech

Prof. Shay Curran, Physics professor at the University of Houston, TX/USA, has developed a nanotech filter coating designed to allow air filters to capture airborne or aerosolized droplets of the virus that spreads Covid-19.

The coating works by capturing liquids which encase the virus particles while still allowing air to flow through unimpeded. That allows ventilation systems to remove the virus during normal operation, without retrofitting or limiting the system’s ability to draw fresh air.
Prof. Curran’s company Curran Biotech, Houston, TX/USA, already developed this hydrophobic coating a few years ago to waterproof surfaces like masonry, wood and concrete. However, he recently shifted his focus toward the fight against Covid-19.
“Rather than just using a form of detergent to kill bacteria, viruses, or fungi in real time - having no lasting benefit - we address the problem of protecting buildings from transmission differently: a new methodology of stopping contagions at the surface of air filters. Our coatings reject liquid-based contaminants. SARS-CoV-2, for example, in its most infectious state is surrounded by a liquid mucus; using that knowledge we can physically stop the virus at the filter surface and capture it in our Capture Coating”, he says.

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