Borealis: Meltblown production on pilot line ...

Meltblown production on pilot line in Austria


The manufacturer of polyolefins Borealis AG, Vienna/Austria, transformed its meltblown pilot line in Linz/Austria, in short time to increase supply of polypropylene (PP) filtration fabrics for high-quality face masks.

The company has managed quickly to convert the way of working from pure development to smaller scale pilot production to regularly produce rolls of fine fiber fabrics for face masks. Recently developed by Borealis, a new proprietary polypropylene (PP) meltblown resin has boosted filtration properties due to its capability for finer fibers. By exploiting a robust network of co-operation partners in the country, Borealis is helping bolster the supply of filtration media to increase face masks production.
The newly developed Borealis HL912FB is being used to produce meltblown fabric to be applied for customised inlays in cotton-based mouth-nose masks, for conventional mouth-nose masks, and also for high-end face masks worn by medical professionals (FFP1 to FFP3). It can be processed at higher processing temperatures allowing the production of even finer fibers. According to in-house testing, the use of Borealis HL912FB results in a significant improvement in filtration efficiency. All 3 grades are manufactured at Borealis facilities in Europe and made available to customers worldwide.

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