Berry Global: Investment in European sustaina...
Berry Global

Investment in European sustainable wipes production

Berry Global

The manufacturer of nonwovens Berry Global Group, Inc., Evansville, IN/USA, announced its 2nd investment for 2021 in the wipes segment to support the long-term consumer behavior shift towards infection prevention, amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic. The investment, located in Europe, will increase Berry’s production footprint in support of its global customers, with total investments reaching over $110 million in nonwovens materials for products such as hard surface disinfectant wipes.

This new asset will add to the company’s existing spunlace platform, further expanding its sustainable wipes portfolio. The new asset will incorporate the production of biodegradable or recycled nonwovens substrates, increasing Berry’s capacity in Europe by more than 300 million m². The new line is expected to be commercially available in the 3rd quarter of 2022.
Prior to the demand surge of 2020, the European impregnated wet wipes segment, for home cleaning and disinfecting, was growing at the rate of 5% in the 2014-2019 timeframe. Covid-19 has increased heightened focus on sanitation and personal hygiene for infection prevention, suggesting permanent consumer trends away from the chore of cleaning to a health and safety priority.

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