Affix: New product Si-Quat to kill the corona...

New product Si-Quat to kill the corona virus


Affix, Helsinki/Finland, launches a new product to help combat the Covid-19 virus. Si-Quat combines a safe and well-established disinfectant and a proprietary chemical binding technique, so that the active ingredient can kill viruses, including Sars-Cov-2.

It is a versatile anti-viral surface treatment that has been scientifically proven to last for months on any surface or textile while effectively killing the Covid-19 pathogen upon contact. The product is based on the disinfectant quaterny ammonium which is chemically bound to align silane quaternary ammonium molecules (silane quats) in an effective manner. Positively charged nitrogen particles actively attract viruses and bacteria, penetrating the membranes and killing them within minutes. Testing has shown Si-Quat to adhere to almost any surface. Due to its strong layer, the solution wears down on surfaces after many touches or multiple cleaning cycles.



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