Mondi: Production of meltblown nonwoven fabr...

Production of meltblown nonwoven fabric in Germany


The manufacturer of packaging and paper, Mondi Group, Vienna/Austria, is set to build new production lines in its plant in Gronau/Germany and thus makes a contribution to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

Mondi responds to the increased demand on surgical face masks and meltblown nonwovens by health authorities, businesses and consumers.
More than 1 million surgical face masks a day can be produced with the new production lines.
Mondi Gronau has a proven track record of producing meltblown nonwovens. Given the shortage of meltblown fabric in the market, Mondi’s plant in Gronau will offer approximately 50 % of its production to other face masks manufacturers in Europe.
Meltblown fabric has a better filtering function than cotton and meets the requirements of surgical face masks type IIR concerning bacterial filtration efficiency and breathing resistance.

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