FET: Nonwovens spinning technology for medi...

Nonwovens spinning technology for medical face mask applications


The supplier of equipment for the fiber extrusion industry, Fibre Extrusion Technology Ltd., Morley/UK, has received unprecedented enquiries for its Non-Woven Melt Spinning System since the onset of the corona virus.

Although the FET system is primarily designed for R & D and pilot scale applications, trials are proving it to be suitable for low volume production of the face mask central filter materials. This system is ideal for continued development of nonwovens materials and offers a solution for small scale production. Trials are currently being concluded and samples produced of polypropylene melt blown nonwovens materials suitable for applications in FFP2 and FFP3 medical masks. Some FET customers have already switched their FET Melt Blown Spinning Systems to producing nonwovens materials for such applications.
FET has received numerous enquiries for its Non-Woven Melt Spinning System and is currently engaged with companies based in Germany, Italy, UK and elsewhere, running trials, preparing samples and defining specifications.


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