Weber Ultrasonics: Welding and cutting with u...
Weber Ultrasonics

Welding and cutting with ultrasound

Plant module for welding ear straps (source: Weber Ultrasonics)
Plant module for welding ear straps (source: Weber Ultrasonics)

In the production of hygiene products made from thermoplastic materials, processing with ultrasound has the advantage of efficiency, flexibility and quality. Weber Ultrasonics AG, Karlsbad/Germany, offers various systems for continuous welding and cutting with ultrasound.
High system reliability, perfectly hygienic tools, and durable material bonds are the prerequisite for the production of high-grade end products such as baby diapers, incontinence pads, or protective masks. Thanks to maximum process reliability and compatibility with Industry 4.0, customer-oriented solutions are created that integrate into highly automated production processes.
When joining with ultrasound, the energy is applied precisely and specifically so that web materials do not warp and soft, elastic surfaces are ensured. Cross seams required for hygiene products are implemented perfectly thanks to this precision. Temperatures remain low despite high welding rate because the ultrasonic tools are not heated.

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