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Deflection rollers for the nonwovens industry

Temco deflection rollers ULR and ULW are high-precision components for the nonwovens industry (source: Saurer)
Temco deflection rollers ULR and ULW are high-precision components for the nonwovens industry (source: Saurer)

The Temco deflection rollers and guide rollers FR from Engineered Bearing Solutions are high-precision components from Saurer Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, Hammelburg/Germany. The Temco components are characterized by a variety of sizes and different materials such as carbon or aluminum. The products are used in a wide range of industries, from textiles, packaging and lithium batteries to the hygiene industry and the production of nonwovens. Engineered Bearing Solutions produces technical rollers with functional surfaces and coated lightweight components for the processing of nonwovens.
The deflection rollers ULR and ULW are characterized by a low mass moment of inertia, smooth running, maximum speeds and rotational speeds. These precise technical characteristics are complemented by lifetime lubrication and a high running time that is completely maintenance-free. This saves costs and reduces the customer's machine downtime. The rollers comply with the guidelines of the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration), for the sensitive areas of the hygiene industry. High technical accuracies, a wide range of products and a long service life, combined with the sophisticated integrated bearing solutions, make it possible to meet the high-quality requirements for the end product.

A high variety of types, due to flexible lengths and diameters, holders that can be completely individually modified by the customer, and various coatings characterize the rollers which will be presented at the Index in Geneva/Switzerland from October 19-22, 2021. Above all, the non-stick coating of the deflection rollers is essential in the nonwovens sector, such as for the production of baby diapers or adult hygiene articles. The fine nonwovens, as well as the adhesive, do not stick to the coated roll during production and thus do not form residues on the product shell. Other coatings are additionally possible, e.g. different metals such as copper and nickel on CFRP roll shells.
The very smooth-running Temco guide rollers are used primarily in processes where low yarn tension forces are required in the process and gentle handling of the guide materials is important: for example, during the integration of the rubber bands in the production of baby diapers. Here, extremely low friction, very precise groove geometries and a high variety of types (coatings, dimensions and materials) are required. Due to a low start-up and running friction torque, speeds of up to 6,500 m/min are achievable, which in combination with a low failure rate increase productivity to a maximum. Thanks to the use of innovative plastics, ceramic coatings and precise running, the bearing is able to set itself apart in nonwovens production. In the area of guiding and guiding elements, the latest generation of FR-26 series guiding rollers is characterized by smooth running. Based on the more than 50% lower bearing friction, the necessary drive force is also reduced to the same extent, thus enabling the deflection of Lycra yarns at very low-tension levels.

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