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Active skin care ingredients for application on spunbond

Top sheet (left) and top sheet with Belsoft Care Lotion (right)(Source: Pulcra Chemicals)
Top sheet (left) and top sheet with Belsoft Care Lotion (right)(Source: Pulcra Chemicals)

The worldwide demand for absorbent hygiene products (AHPs) is growing steadily. With a high number of annual patents, AHPs are among the most innovative product groups worldwide.
The potential global market for adult incontinence products is currently growing at an average annual rate of 8%, faster than the market for baby diapers or feminine hygiene products.
Today's AHPs are lightweight, compact, highly absorbent, prevent leakage and are easy to use. However, despite the advanced technology, there are still risk areas for users' skin.
At the Index in Geneva/Switzerland from October 19-22, 2021, Pulcra Chemicals GmbH, Geretsried/Germany, will showcase Belsoft Care Lotion, a product to soothe sensitive skin. It is a cosmetic wax and contains active skin care ingredients, which are widely known for their nurturing properties. The main ingredient provides softness and suppleness partially melts at body temperature, transfers caring properties to the skin and significantly reduces the penetration of liquids.

The application is very easy, because after melting Belsoft Care Lotion is immediately ready for use. It is applied with spray technology that is established in the production of diapers (and other AHPs), and which is usually used for the application of hot melts. This allows the lotion to be applied easily and effectively to the top sheet of the finished diaper, which can be packed immediately afterwards.
The application rate is 10 to 50 times higher than with conventional fiber finishes (see photo).
The lotion is applied discontinuously in order not to affect the fluid absorption of diapers or other hygiene products. There are no limits for the design of the lotion application. Full-covering application, multiple stripes as well as spirals or patches are just some of the possible application forms.
Studies have confirmed the protection of the skin against dehydration, the positive wearing sensation and skin compatibility. Of course, Belsoft Care Lotion is also FDA-compliant. By default, it contains vitamin E, which is known for its effect as an antioxidant. On request, Belsoft Care Lotion can be adapted to customer needs using Active Skin Care Ingredients such as chamomile, jojoba and calendula.
Belsoft = registered trademark

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