Optima / Amotek @ Index20: Packaging of the f...
Optima / Amotek @ Index20

Packaging of the future

(Source: Optima)
(Source: Optima)

With the Index in Geneva/Switzerland, a very important trade show for the paper hygiene market will again take place in-person from October 19-22, 2021. Optima Nonwovens GmbH, Schwäbisch-Hall/Germany, will take the opportunity to focus on perfect packaging. In the paper hygiene sector, optimal packaging design plays an important role. Together with its subsidiary Amotek Srl, Zola Predosa/Italy, solutions for optimal packaging design will be shown, such as an innovative sealing station. This has a positive effect on packaging quality. Packaging can be securely sealed and aesthetically fused. The packaging systems are capable of “machine learning”, which means that changes to the packaging can be detected automatically and machine users can react immediately. Automatic exact adjustment to the respective packaging formats ensures that even the first package after the format change is perfect. Start-up and readjustment are avoided.

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