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Nonwovens testing instruments

Slosh Box 100 (Source: Lenzing Instruments)
Slosh Box 100 (Source: Lenzing Instruments)

Nonwovens testing instruments for various applications will be presented by the Textechno group member Lenzing Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, Gampen/Austria, at the Index in Geneva/Switzerland from October 19-22, 2021.

For the nonwovens industry, the company’s wide portfolio provides solutions for income control of raw material, product quality control of the finished goods as well as process control of the moving nonwovens. Furthermore, the company produces equipment for online, at-line and laboratory testing of filament yarn and staple fiber. Essential material tests for nonwovens topsheet (coverstock) aimed for hygienic applications include verification of performance indicators such as liquid strike-through, rewet and run-off. All 3 areas are covered by the instruments Lister AC, Wetback and Runoff. INDA/Edana standardized function and design ensure for accurate and reproducible feedback on the fluid management of the nonwovens.

In-depth analysis of fluid transport processes such as liquid absorption, liquid retention and liquid loss in textile structures is provided by CAP 100. By means of advanced camera and illumination technology, CAP 100 gives continuous and real-time information about the wicking characteristics of a nonwoven or woven material.

Process control with Lenzing Instruments means customer-tailored systems with real-time access to measurement results by means of the latest communication technology. The Nonwovens Orientation System NOS 300 offers online and continuous monitoring of the fiber orientation along and across the nonwovens web. The ratio of fibers in the respective web direction gives indirect information about the tensile strength of the nonwovens. Additionally, monitoring of the fiber orientation ratio yields information about the homogeneity of the web.

The instruments Ge-Te-Flow and GT 1200 enable automated and standardized analysis of the performance of geotextiles and similar materials: Featuring low water consumption, short test duration as well as compact and robust design, Ge-Te-Flow offers easy and thorough testing of the water permeability, including determination of the VIH50 index. GT 1200 enables reproducible and accurate analysis of the characteristic opening size by determining the size of sand grains passing through the material.

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