Lenzing @ Index20: CO2-neutral fibers
Lenzing @ Index20

CO2-neutral fibers

(Source: Lenzing)
(Source: Lenzing)

Climate change is one of the most important challenges facing us in the 21st century. It is becoming increasingly important to minimize and compensate our CO2 emissions. Lenzing AG, Lenzing/Austria, with its new “Climate Care” campaign, is launching the first completely biodegradable, CO2-neutral cellulose fiber Veocel on the market.
The global warming that has been observed can be traced back to the greenhouse effect caused by humans since the advent of industrialization. The more carbon dioxide (CO2) or other greenhouse gases get into the atmosphere, the hotter our planet becomes. The consequences are fatal: around the globe glaciers and ice masses are melting, weather extremes are on the rise, drought is spreading, there is less rainfall, forests are burning, sea levels are rising, the oceans are gaining in acidity and animal and plant species are becoming extinct. To curb global warming, the CO2 emissions caused by us humans must be urgently reduced.

Veocel’s parent company Lenzing has, as a manufacturer of wood-based cellulosic fibers, has committed itself to reduce its CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and by the year 2050 it strives for net zero emissions. For this the company has launched an extensive and ambitious reduction program. One result of these climate measures now visible for business partners and customers is the new and particularly climate-friendly veocel fiber. It is certified as CarbonNeutral and the result of many measures to reduce CO2, which Lenzing implemented in recent years. Apart from the use of energy from renewable sources, biomass as a raw material for energy for heat generation and the use of modern and highly efficient production methods such as the closed-loop process, the company also invests in specific climate protection projects to reduce CO2 in the environment. These diverse activities in combination with sustainable timber procurement from controlled forests make a contribution towards slowing climate change and realizing a new measure of transparency along the entire value chain.
Lenzing will provide more information at the Index trade fair in Geneva/Switzerland from October 19-22, 2021.
Veocel = trademark
CarbonNeutral = registered trademark

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