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Hygiene Fibers Group presents broad portfolio

(Source: Polymateria)
(Source: Polymateria)

An all-inclusive range of recycled and biodegradable solutions for hygiene fiber and nonwovens applications will be presented by the Hygiene Fibers Group of IVL at the Index show in Geneva/Switzerland from October 19-22, 2021.
The combination of polymers, technologies, processes and global reach supported by the Hygiene Fibers Group – one of 3 business segments that make up Indorama Ventures Public Company Ltd. (IVL), Bangkok/Thailand – meets increasingly challenging market demand for innovative sustainable solutions within the hygiene sector.
At the Index, the group (made up of the 6 brands Auriga, Avgol, FiberVisions, Indorama Asia, Trevira and Wellman International) will launch CiClo, a textile technology which allows polyester and other synthetic materials to biodegrade like natural materials do in wastewater treatment plant sludge, sea water and landfill conditions, reducing synthetic microfiber pollution generated during washing, and minimizing plastic accumulation in landfills caused by discarded textiles.
In line with the IVL’s commitment to support customers with high performance products, while also reducing the impact on the environment, several of the  Hygiene Fibers brands have been working closely over the last 12 months with the team from Intrinsic Advanced Materials, LLC., Gastonia, NC/USA, and the CiClo technology. Developments have focused on PET and rPET staple fiber and filament sustainable solutions for applications where recycling is particularly challenging, such as hygiene, home textiles and automotive applications.
Strengthening the profile of biodegradable offerings within the Hygiene Fibers Group’s sustainability portfolio, Trevira GmbH, Bobingen/Germany will introduce a new range of bicomponent (bico) fibers based on PLA and PBS (polybutylene succinate) at the Index. Both biopolymers offer a good technological opportunity in terms of environmental care and sustainability, while delivering optimum performance. Equally to PLA, PBS is recyclable and up to 100% biodegradable under industrial conditions.
4 Hygiene Fibers Group brands, IVL Asia, Auriga, Trevira and Wellman International offer an extensive range of 100% recycled, accredited PET fibers, across a multitude of fiber and nonwovens applications. Through investments and evolving technological advancements, Wellman International has broadened the range of PET that can be processed into other PET applications towards achieving a circular economy. The segment’s rPET product portfolio is represented under the Deja brand platform, differentiated in the market by a performance-led suite of sustainable solutions.
FiberVisions and ES-Fibervisions, leading polyolefin mono and bico fiber brands, and sister company Avgol, have partnered with Polymateria Ltd. London/UK, to commercially harness the innovative ‘bio-transformation’ technology pioneered by Polymateria. The patented technology alters the properties of polyolefins to make them biodegradable in a natural process.  Other polyolefin sustainable innovations within the Hygiene Fibers Group being featured at Index include bio-surfactant and bio-colorant developments being undertaken by the Avgol team with FiberVisons progressing sustainable design solutions, including lightweight, high performance, reduced carbon solutions.

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