Interview with Pierre Wiertz, Edana: Connect ...
Interview with Pierre Wiertz, Edana

Connect with like-minded professionals

Pierre Wiertz (Source: Edana)
Pierre Wiertz (Source: Edana)

Now the Index is finally taking place in-person in Geneva, what do you hope/expect from this fair?
As we all do, I guess, we have been longing for this opportunity of meeting industry colleagues and experts from the global nonwovens industry in person.
We are impatient to welcome all exhibitors and visitors to Index which remains the largest nonwovens exhibition in the world. We know they, too, are expecting to explore the industry’s latest innovations and connect with like-minded professionals.
We know it has been difficult for many companies to make a decision in a climate of uncertainty and turbulence. We are happy to hear that the vast majority of exhibitors have confirmed their presence, and we would like thank them all, and in particular those Edana members among them, for their trust.

What will you present at the Index?
On our stand, the Edana team will showcase the vast range of the association’s services and activities in support of the sustainable growth of the nonwovens and related industries.
Elsewhere, a fascinating first for the event is the addition of the Index Innovation Lab. This area is available to all visitors and includes seminars, nonwoven tutorials, poster presentations, application demonstrations and much more.
There will also be several other seminars dedicated to important industry themes such as geosynthetics, infection prevention and smart nonwovens taking place over the next few days. Also,visitors can look forward to a full program of exhibitor presentations as well.

At the moment, every new development, every new product should also be sustainable and environmentally friendly. What is your approach to a greener world?
We understand sustainability as affirmative actions to minimise negative impact on the environment and to create positive environmental, social and/or economic developments in the activities of the nonwovens industry. The Sustainability Vision of Edana gives clear insights into the priority topics on sustainability for our industry. Just recently Edana held the 2nd edition of the Circular Nonwovens Forum which gathered a range of industry experts to reviews the challenges at hand, and the range of solutions and innovations to meet them.

What will be the biggest challenges for the nonwovens industry after the corona pandemic?
As documented in Edana and INDA’s brand new Global Nonwovens Market Report 2020-2025, which will be presented on the Edana stand, one of the challenges for the industry will be to readjust to “normal” demand and-hopefully- the growth and recovery in traditional durable sectors after the atypical peak of nonwovens production and sales in 2020 due to the rush on wipes, medical and protective clothing and masks as well as other critical products to fight the pandemic.
Additionally, raw material shortages and transport issues, which affect many other sectors, do not spare our nonwovens industry either.
Further detail of these market trends is available in our Global Nonwoven Markets Report released just this month.

The interview was conduted by our nonwovensTRENDS team with Pierre Wiertz, General Manager, Edana, Brussels/Belgium.

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