Interview with Jürgen Eizinger, Lenzing AG: T...
Interview with Jürgen Eizinger, Lenzing AG

Taking a proactive step to tackle climate change

Jürgen Eizinger (Source: Lenzing AG)
Jürgen Eizinger (Source: Lenzing AG)

Now the Index is finally taking place in-person in Geneva, what do you hope/expect from this fair?
We are truly looking forward to meeting our partners in person for the first time after such a long period of online meetings. We all feel that nothing can replace face to face connections in nurturing strong relationships. On top of that, lots has changed since we last met. Consumers are increasingly demanding products and ingredients that care for both the planet and their wellbeing at the same time. Therefore, the industry focus on transparency and sustainably sourced and produced materials is steadily growing. This is exactly our end goal, and we are seeking industry partners who share the same ambition for sustainability.

What will you present at the Index?
We have 3 showcases this year where we clustered as Fiber Performance, Sustainable Innovation and Reducing Environmental Impact. In these showcases, you’ll receive detailed information about our new fiber launches Veocel Lyocell Dry and Carbon Neutral Veocel Lyocell Fibers as well as about the latest development of Lenzing as Web Technology. We look forward to welcoming the industry members at our booth to discuss our new innovative initiatives further.

At the moment, every new development, every new product should also be sustainable and environmentally friendly. What is your approach to a greener world?
Delivering sustainable solutions is at the heart of everything we do. By offering nature derived, biodegradable Veocel cellulosic fibers, we are contributing to a greener world. In addition, the launch of the industry’s first carbon neutral Veocel branded fibers earlier this year supports our nonwovens industry partners and product brands to reduce climate impact through the use of fibers with a net-zero footprint.  The new carbon neutral Veocel Lyocell fibers also play a large role in contributing to our goal to become a net-zero company by 2050. These fibers are a sustainable alternative to fossil-based materials in many everyday products, and it’s in our hands to drive an industry wide shift to implementing these available solutions.
Furthermore, products produced with the carbon neutral Veocel Lyocell fiber will benefit from our specially developed Veocel “climate care” logo. When consumers see products labelled with the “Veocel climate care” logo, they will know they are taking a proactive step to tackle climate change and be certain they are making informed and eco-conscious purchase decisions. Consequently, we are enabling consumers to make small but effective eco-responsible changes to their everyday habits.

What will be the biggest challenges for the nonwovens industry after the pandemic?
Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic has come with challenges, but it has also brought about many opportunities. As the market starts to adapt to its new normal, there are changed trends and consumer habits, such as the increased demand for eco-responsible products. The industry is challenged to not only adapt portfolios to this new normal, but also guide and educate consumers to make the right choice of product purchases. At Veocel we are striving to provide better education on eco-responsible consumption through our #ItsInOurHands initiative. One of our key goals is to increase awareness that there are more environmentally friendly alternatives to normal wet wipes, for example those made from wood-based cellulose fibers.
The interview was conducted by our nonwovensTRENDS team with Jürgen Eizinger, Vice President Global Business Management Nonwovens, Lenzing AG, Lenzing/Austria.

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