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Inspection solutions for nonwovens

EasyInspect (source: Dr. Schenk)
EasyInspect (source: Dr. Schenk)

In order to satisfy the high requirements for quality and safety of material for its intended final application, local defects within the material must be as plainly visible as large-scale fluctuations in grammage and formation. EasyInspect from Dr. Schenk GmbH, Gräfelfing/Germany, offers optical configurations combined into a single solution, featuring  ABI (Adaptive Backlight Illumination) and Virtua X-Ray for precise optical inspection. MIDA (Multiple Image Defect Analysis) maps different views of detected defects, thus ensuring reliable classification of various defects. Large-area monitoring of fluctuations in the material can be realized using EasyMeasure.
Automatic adaptation of e.g. illumination settings when a change of material occurs, as well as improved classification of defects with the help of artificial intelligence, facilitate production of nonwovens of the desired quality while saving time and money. Material exhibiting too many defects, critical defects or excessive structural fluctuations, can be sorted out and the causes can be removed at an early production stage without undergoing further processing steps or even being delivered to the customer. Interfaces such as MES, SCADA, OPC, UA enable integration into state-of-the-art manufacturing management systems, assisting in the optimization of the manufacturing process.
EasyInspect will be presented at the Index in Geneva/Switzerland fron October 19-22, 2021.

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