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Curt G. Joa @ Index20

New technology saves material costs

(Source: Curt G Joa)
(Source: Curt G Joa)

Increasing product and insert combination capabilities, electronic size change capabilities, and speed, the new ESC-8 technology is the latest innovation in product size change flexibility.
The ESC-8 technology from Curt G. Joa, Inc., Sheboygan Falls, WI/USA, saves on material costs and replacement size change hardware, and can be integrated into existing machines, regardless of the original manufacturer, with minimal downtime. It enhances and simplifies product performance features to improve product quality. The product insert is handed-off only once when placed onto the chassis web, eliminating unnecessary waste. Adhesive is applied all the way up to the end of the product insert, minimizing risk of loose ends. Adhesive is also applied directly to the insert web, greatly reducing risk of exposed adhesive on the product insert.

It is possible to configure nearly endless combinations of insert length, width and chassis pitch at high speed with the push of a button. ESC-8 technology offers a wide range of chassis product pitches, electronic chassis pitch change, toolless insert pitch change, and full machine speeds on all sizes.

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