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Spin finish/avivage for automotive nonwovens fibers

Nonwovens automotive filters (source: Bozzetto)
Nonwovens automotive filters (source: Bozzetto)

Spin finishes are used in the production of synthetic fibers to avoid the accumulation of static charges and to decrease the friction during the production steps, in order to protect the fibers from the initial spinning to the end-use.
In the automotive industry, thermobond and needlepunch nonwovens are widely used for different applications.
The spin finish Tallopol CT 39 by Giovanni Bozzetto SpA, Filago/Italy, is suitable for polyester (PET) staple fibers for needlepunch and thermobond applications. It was optimized to reduce the deposits formation and to avoid the stenter contamination. After 24 hours at 220 °C, the product will only leave 2.8 wt.% of deposits – on average other finishes used for this application generate deposits above 6.5 wt.% in the same conditions.

During the production of staple fibers, to avoid air pollution and health hazards, the smoke formation in the stenter area must be avoided. For this reason, the used finish should resist heat without generating any smoke. In this regard Tallopol CT 39 has a smoke point of 228 °C – tested with the Tegewa method at 98 % of transmittance – confirming a high thermostability.
Benefits of the spin finish also include:
•        Low fiber-metal friction for an optimal lubrication of the fibers.
•        Very high flexibility of use: it can be applied in spinning, drawing and before the crimper or cutter.
•        It can be used in 1 or 2-step production processes.
•        It can be used with virgin, recycled and bottle grade PET.
•        It allows a very good corrosion protection for metallic equipment and needles.
•        It is bluesign, GRS and ZDHC level 3 certified and FDA (CFR 21) listed.

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