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(Source: Autefa)
(Source: Autefa)

A fully automated production line for protective face masks has been developed by Autefa Solutions. The HiPerMask system can output over 50,000 masks/day, meeting international standards EU FFP2 and FFP3, as well as US N95 and N98. The line consists of a material feed, nose clip feed and positioning, ultrasonic welding units, ear loops or head loop stations, mask folding, punching, and dispensing of the masks into a collection container. It has high process reliability, with reproducible product quality. The company will be presenting its systems at the Index trade fair from October 19-22, 2021.
Autefa Solutions Germany GmbH, Friedberg/Germany, is a leading manufacturer of nonwovens machines and automation systems and has designed the new line in recognition of current and likely future requirements for mask-wearing on a continuing basis. Ultrasonic assembly technology from Emerson Branson, St. Louis, MO/USA, is used for respirator and mask shape welding. The nose clip unit ensures precise feeding of the clips; there is a printer for labelling on both sides, including individual numbering and company logos; and a mask folding unit has automatic centering using a vision sensor and linear unit.
Soaring demand in some critical nonwovens applications has made the global pandemic a period of both market growth and technical progress. The sales boom in some areas – notably spunlaced products for hygiene and sanitizing wipes – has clearly been driven by virus-related requirements.
The advanced spunlace manufacturing systems from Autefa are able to deliver high standards of quality and performance. One focus is on manufacturing solutions which preserve both energy and raw materials. The company has developed the unique combination of V-Jet Futura hydroentanglement machine and SQ-V Square Drum Dryer, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. The V-Jet Injector also enables customers to modernize existing production lines with the newest hydroentanglement technology.
Savings in raw material costs and high fabric uniformity are major features of the Topliner crosslapper series. In combination with the WebMax and Closed Loop system, this prevents weight increases at fabric edges which would otherwise waste material.
Autefa Solutions offers a complete range of nonwovens machinery, covering needlepunch lines, aerodynamic web forming, spunlace and thermobonding equipment. Application sectors range from hygiene and wipes through filtration, geotextiles, automotive, carpets, technical felts, wadding and insulation.

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