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Alena (Aeris Group) @ Index20

Water and energy-efficient induction humidification system

IHS (source: Alena)
IHS (source: Alena)

The shared purpose of Aeris Group, Clusone/Italy, a specialist in air treatment, air conditioning, heating and air filtration, is to obtain the best efficiency for each solution, minimizing investment, management costs and the ROI. Within the group, Alena NW Clusone, is responsible for the nonwovens customers.
The patented IHS and Dual Stage IHSds are Alena’s response to the nonwovens and hygiene market’s need for a solution that offers not only high reliability and safety, but also addresses environmental and sustainability issues, particularly the reduction of energy and water consumption. they will be presented at the Index in Geneva/Switzerland from October 19-22, 2021.
The IHS project proposal received the award “Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions”, from the European Commission, as one of the most innovative solutions concerning protection of the environment and financial viability.

This system is especially suited for nonwovens and hygiene applications. It was developed in compliance with the guidelines of the European Directive Erp2018.
Energetically speaking this means a reduction of up to 80% of the energy impact for the adiabatic humidification plants as well as the reduction of 65% of the water consumption necessary for the process."
The IHS humidification technology is the heart of the system, with a performance coefficient (COPH) higher than 40 and a saturation efficiency rate (SEH) of 100%. This means that if IHS requires only 1kWh of energy consumption to humidify environments with 100% of processed water, traditional systems require at least 4kWh, i.e. 4 times more energy, and double the water consumption to achieve the same result.

IHS’ humidification and cooling are very good and are in compliance with VDI 6022 standards, ensuring the absence of pathogenic spores while simultaneously creating a better internal climate. Thanks to the inductive diffusers, the air capacity moved is 10 times more than the real capacity allowing conditions guaranteed not only close by the process but in the complete production area.

The main advantages of IHS and Dual Stage IHSds are:
- elimination of any proliferation of bacteria and mucilage,
- elimination of any corrosion risks of the components,
- elimination of any risk of condensation,
- temperature and humidity values homogeneity in all the process and in the treated environment,
- total de-stratification especially for high rooms,
- no obstacles, no diffusers at floor level, close by the operators and process line,
- complete absence of water wasted,
- air diffusion system with completely dry ducts.

The VDF16 filtering unit is characterized by:
filtration efficiency > 99.99% in only one filtration stage,
• energy consumption up to 60% less compared to conventional systems,
• exhaust dust concentration 0.2 mg/Nmc with only one stage of filtration,
• zero maintenance costs and line stops.

The novel Digitron 2.0 Vario software is an advanced user interface with an open platform that makes the complete system Industry 4.0 ready. The software, alongside the thermo-hygrometric control of the process and environments, constantly checks the correct operation of filters and motors, stabilises the pressures, verifies the correct execution of the given commands with field feedback allowing the continuous supervision of positions, anomalies and consumption and an immediate reply, correction or adjustment of the system.
The new HRS (Heat Recovery System) recovers the thermal energy from the overheated air or combustion gases from dryers, cogeneration systems, steam boilers or generators.
IHS = registered trademark

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