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Unites Sustainability and Innovation in Award-Winning Textiles




With its many years of experience in textile development, RÖKONA Textilwerk GmbH und Co. KG not only stands for expertise, reliability, continuity and tradition, but also for permanent progress, an innovative spirit, flexibility and diversity.

RÖKONA started out in the 1960s exclusively producing the very latest in knitted fabrics. Today, this family-owned-&-operated enterprise and its subsidiaries are vertically structured to offer a unique full spectrum of textile services ranging from development to the design, knitting, dyeing, finishing, cutting and ready-made manufacture of fashionable and technical textiles. We are your single-source supplier, with production in Tübingen, Germany, finishing and assembly in Hungary, and delivery all over the world.

Along with innovative strength, another top RÖKONA investment priority is sustainability-related issues. This focus is not limited solely to process steps within production procedures, but equally extends to the development of sustainable, recyclable unmixed textile concepts for a virtually unlimited scope of application possibilities in the technical textiles sector.


The RÖKONA “RE: SPACE” concept was the “Winner” of the German Innovation Awards 2021 and was also nominated in the same year as a finalist for the German Sustainability Award 2021 in the “Pioneer” category. And in 2022, RÖKONA received Gold in the German Design Award for RE:SPACE.


RE:SPACE represents an innovative textile concept with numerous product groups, designs and looks with the widest possible range of functions and finishes, all with one common feature: They are manufactured from completely unmixed materials and can also be knitted from recycled yarns. This completes the recycling circle, starting from the raw materials through to the final product and continuing through recycling, all of which helps conserve the environment and resources.


In addition, the RE:SPACE concept product group “EFFECTIVE” was honoured with the “Focus Open GOLD Award 2021”.



Within the framework of technical textiles, “Effective” unites the theme of sustainability with the very latest knitted fabrics technology and design, comprising unmixed textiles with high-quality metallic optics and a premium sheen, all without using any metallic components. Manufactured in Germany, the material purity of these textiles means they are not only recyclable, but also free from any oxidation risks.


“AFILIA” stands for vegan leather made of unmixed knitted fabrics that are spun-dyed and manufactured from 100% recycled yarns. This unites the advantages of the textile with the look and feel of nubuck leather, without using any chemical additives. The special “AFILIA” line makes it a high-quality alternative to real leather.


Along with the product side, RÖKONA is constantly working on the permanent optimisation of every process step under the premise of resource conservation, benefitting both nature and the customer.


Since 2019, RÖKONA has used its regenerative thermal exhaust air combustion facility to feed heat into the local municipal utilities of the city of Tübingen, thereby supplying heat to many local households. In 2020, RÖKONA was crowned “A Place Full of Energy” for this project by the Environment Minister Franz Untersteller. And in 2022, the Baden- Württemberg Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann visited to have a look at this RÖKONA “lighthouse project” for himself.


RÖKONA has been part of the Tübingen Climate Protection Pact since 2020. This commitment involves the company actively contributing to the Paris Climate Accord and supporting the aim of CO2 emission climate neutrality by the year 2030. Unavoidable emissions are then offset by additional climate protection measures.


At RÖKONA, the customer stands front-&-centre in all of these developments. With this in mind, we have worked on our products and processes, as well as our presentation possibilities. At the company headquarters in Tübingen, in the future RÖKONA will be able to guide customers and other interested parties in an appealing walk-through Core Concept Cube presenting the company’s diverse product world and making our many concepts tangible. RÖKONA’s Concept Cube Satellite can even come to customers’ premises anytime, independently of trade fair times and seasons.


Progress begins for, not just with, the product, and it only ends with the customer. Progress is a continuous process for us, with a responsible eye on the environment and our customers’ wishes, and we take the long-view when it comes to future needs.


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