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Sustainable and biodegradable PA 66 fibers

(Source: Nilit)
(Source: Nilit)

Entitled “Making Nylon Sustainable” Nilit presents its sustainability report and shows achievements to improve its environmental footprint as well as its plans to positively influence the textile and apparel industry to choose more sustainable products and use them in more responsible ways.

With this report the manufacturer of polyamide 66 (PA 66) fibers Nilit Ltd., Migdal Haemek/Israel, shows its accomplishments as well as the company’s ongoing plans to continuously improve the ecological and social influence of its operations and practices in the market and in the communities. Through collaboration with brands, retailers, customers, employees, and vendors, Nilit has developed a large portfolio of sustainable premium PA 66 products under its Sensil consumer brand.

The Sensil portfolio includes performance products that directly address the apparel industry’s most pressing environmental issues, such as water and energy consumption, waste reduction, use of recycled inputs, and impact to ecosystems.

One of the latest developments is Sensil BioCare, a sustainable PA fiber enhanced with special technology that helps lessen the persistence of textile waste in sea water and in landfills. Sensil BioCare is the newest addition to the broad portfolio of responsibly manufactured, environmentally considerate premium PA products. Sensil BioCare features a built-in technology that is proven through an independent lab to break down its fibers substantially more rapidly than conventional PA. Tests were conducted in both landfill soil and sea water simulations to understand the potential impact of Sensil BioCare on both ecosystems. The fiber showed remarkable disintegration in both simulated environments during the test periods in comparison to PA fibers that do not include the special technology.

The special technology in Sensil BioCare will not wear or wash out, nor will it interfere with other performance additives, finishes, or dyes. In addition, Sensil BioCare is responsibly manufactured according to Nilit’s Total Product Sustainability (TPS) criteria.

(Source: Nilit)

Also, the company has implemented many sustainability achievements in its facilities around the world, especially its innovations in clean energy cogeneration that reduced CO2 by 40% and eliminated emissions of toxic gases. In addition, the Nilit Total Product Sustainability program ensures that all products meet stringent criteria for responsible production.
(Source: Nilit)
(Source: Nilit)


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