Flower Matter: From flower waste to bio-leath...
Flower Matter

From flower waste to bio-leather

(Source: Irene Purasachit (2020))
(Source: Irene Purasachit (2020))

Flaux is an innovative textile material produced from flower waste resulting from a research project called ‘Flower Matter’ which is an ongoing research of ways to sustainably valorize flower waste. The work of Chanawan (Kao) Danpan and Irene Purasachit, Flower Matter, Berlin/Germany, was honored with the Young Scientist Award of Lenzing for innovative research work in the fiber and textile sector.

On September 14, 2022, the opening day of the Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress (GFC), the prize money of € 5,000 per winner was awarded.
The project aims to provide a solution to cut this waste stream by turning flower waste into environmentally responsible materials. By integrating material production into the industry, the aim is to divert flower waste from landfills, direct recyclable wastes that come with flowers into their proper recycling processes, offer alternatives for unsustainable materials and enable circularity in the industry.

(Source: Irene Purasachit (2020))
(Source: Irene Purasachit (2020))
Flaux contains flower petals as the main ingredient and its color agent. Hence, no artificial colorant and no oil-based ingredient or additive is needed. The flower material is all-natural, compostable, recyclable and microplastic-free.
Flaux can be categorized as a ‘bio-leather’ or 'leather-like material’ which has the potential for textile usage. Implementing Flaux to the fashion industry could generate a positive environmental impact as it introduces an ecological alternative to the harmful conventional leather, which is accountable for climate change. Decreasing the amount of conventional leather use also means reducing leather production, which is toxic and poisonous to workers and the communities.
The research of Flaux resulted in 2 higher academic research topics under 2 EU institutions (Germany and Finland) from design and management perspectives:
•          Purasachit, I. (2021) The designerly approach in material development: a design-led exploration of surplus flowers as raw material [Master’s thesis, Aalto University]. AaltoDoc. http://urn.fi/URN:NBN:fi:aalto-2021112810452
•          Danpan, C. (2022) Sustainable Entrepreneurship - Circular business plan and communication strategies for a sustainable material startup 'Flower Matter’ [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Akademie Mode & Design.

(Source: Irene Purasachit (2020))
(Source: Irene Purasachit (2020))
Flower Matter is a pre-seed bio-based materials start-up, enabling a circularity and maximizing the values of discarded cut flowers through regenerative design innovation. They divert flower waste from landfills, directly recyclable waste that comes with flowers, e.g. plastic packaging, rubber, and plastic tubes, to their proper recycling processes before processing every part of flower waste into innovative eco-friendly materials.

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