zwissTex: Antibacterial and antiviral mask

Antibacterial and antiviral mask


With the new face mask zwissClean Mask Comfort from zwissTexGmbH, Gerstetten/Germany, bacteria and viruses can actively be eliminated thanks to a formula that refines the textile.

The mask consists of a 3-layer breathable material structure. The upper material and the integrated nonwovens reduce the risk of droplet infections through particle filtration of the bacteria and viruses. The mask is skin-tolerant and can be washed up to 30 times. The optimal fit guarantees long-term wearing comfort. The cut of the mask was chosen in accordance with the recommendation for personal protective equipment.
All materials are produced in Germany and the sewing is also done in Germany. In addition to the masks, zwissTex is planning a new production line for the manufacture of antibacterial and antiviral fabrics that can be processed into protective clothing.

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