ZDHC/TMC : Collaboration to address microfibe...

Collaboration to address microfibers within wastewater

(Source: ZDHC)
(Source: ZDHC)

Details of the next stage of a major initiative to address the issue of microfibers in textile manufacturing wastewater have been unveiled by the ZDHC and TMC. Following the release of ‘Control of Microfibers in Wastewater’ manufacturing guidelines by The Microfibre Consortium Ltd. (TMC), Bristol/UK, the 2 organizations will now collaborate closely during a new phase of the project, combining the expertise of the ZDHC Foundation, Amsterdam/Netherlands, in sustainable chemical management and the science led fiber fragmentation (previously referred to as microfiber release) knowledge of TMC.
Building on the first phase of this work which looked to identify and landscape utilization of existing technologies across the industry, this upcoming phase will focus on the measurement and baselining so that progress can be managed effectively and transparently. To support this, a dedicated task team from the ZDHC and TMC will focus on 3 key areas: defining a test methodology; determining a baseline; and aligning to a harmonized data infrastructure.
The ZDHC and TMC are also encouraging businesses and other stakeholders from the textile industry to both adopt the manufacturing guidelines captured in ‘Control of Microfibers in Wastewater’, and also contribute to the next phase of the project, adding to the collective knowledge base that is being drawn on to tackle the issue.
»The collaboration between TMC and ZDHC is a great example that 2 organizations can come together by building a competence center around fiber shedding. This will leverage each other's expertise and infrastructure.«
Frank Michel, Executive Director, ZDHC Foundation

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