Verdex : Funding to scale proprietary nanofib...

Funding to scale proprietary nanofiber technology

(Source: Verdex)
(Source: Verdex)

As Verdex looks for a disruptive product to go-to-market, the company has concentrated in developing a first in class HVAC/HEPA media and product that it believes will be a game-changer for the industry.
Verdex Technologies, North Chesterfield, VA/USA, has now secured investment, led by SOSV Investments LLC, Princeton, NJ/USA, an international venture capital firm which has invested US$3.9 million to date, and will fund the completion of a commercial manufacturing unit located in Richmond, VA/USA. This investment follows 10 years of customer validation from top-tier nonwovens companies, critical R&D, and patent filings, resulting in a functionalized production technology that is capable of producing a wide range of advanced nanofiber products.
The Verdex Process has the ability to customize and functionalize nanofibers. This allows the company to incorporate particles into the fiber matrix to target specific challenges and problems in multiple industries.
Unlike current HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) media which lacks the ability to capture viruses/submicron particles, Verdex’s patented process provides a 3D nanofiber media which combines high submicron particle capture.

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