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The Lycra Company

One-size-fits-more with new stretch fiber

(Source: The Lycra Company)
(Source: The Lycra Company)

The new stretch fiber Lycra Adaptiv gives garments a better fit and allows it to adapt well to individual body shapes, even during movement – and also if the figure changes or the weight fluctuates. Made from a new type of polymer, this patent-pending, adaptive fiber by The Lycra Company, Wilmington, DE/USA, has a unique chemistry that allows it to adjust to a wearer’s functional needs in a hybrid manner. This means that when the wearer is at rest, the polymer adapts its compressive holding force to deliver the right fit, shape and control. Further, when the wearer is in motion, the polymer adapts its elasticity to deliver improved comfort in motion and a second-skin effect allowing the garment to stay in place better. Garments made with fabrics containing Lycra Adaptiv fiber are durable and are also easier to put on and take off.

The softer stretch within the wearing zone allows for a widened fit window that covers a broader range of body shapes within a given size. This makes the one-size-fits-more approach and a potential reduction in inventory possible.

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