The Lycra Company: Accelerated digital transf...
The Lycra Company

Accelerated digital transformation through partnership

(Source: The Lycra Company)
(Source: The Lycra Company)

The Lycra Company has entered into a partnership with Browzwear that will provide designers using VStitcher and Lotta (the platforms for 3D fashion design) the ability to quickly and easily develop products incorporating fabrics containing Lycra, Lycra T400, and Coolmax fibers.
The partnership with Browzwear, Singapore, is the latest element of a multifaceted digital transformation that The Lycra Company, Wilmington, DE/USA, began last year with the launch of the Lycra One customer portal, an online marketplace connecting brands, retailers, and garment makers to a global network of partner mills in a virtual capacity. The expansion of its digital infrastructure is enabling new forms of engagement with its global customer base, and online platforms, like Browzwear, demonstrate the differentiation and sources of innovation that The Lycra Company is helping bring to its customers across the apparel value chain.
With the true-to-life visualizations made possible with Browzwear's innovative 3D software for apparel design and development, designers can digitally create activewear, denim, swimwear, ready-to-wear, and intimate apparel fashions using fabrics showcased in the Lycra Brand Materials Library. The Browzwear platform enables designers to visualize how garments made with Lycra fiber offer a comfortable, lasting fit that will move with the wearer.

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