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Trend toward mono-materials and cellulosic fibers

(Source: imago / Panthermedia)
(Source: imago / Panthermedia)

Developments in advanced mono-material fabrics and fabrics made using cellulosic fibers were widespread at the European fabric fairs for spring/summer 2023 as manufacturers continue to improve the recyclability of textile products, according to “Survey of the European fabric fairs for spring/summer 2023”, a 24-page report from the global business information company Textiles Intelligence Ltd., Wilmslow/UK.  
The textile and apparel industry is facing mounting pressures to improve the recyclability of its products in order to move towards a circular economy, and these pressures are being exacerbated by the introduction of new EU laws.
In particular, regulations relating to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) will come into force in the 27 EU member states from December 2024 and will require manufacturers to take on significant responsibility for the treatment or disposal of post-consumer products.
The recyclability of textile products is problematic because, generally, conventional fabrics and textile products are made using complex mixtures of fibers, dyes and finishing chemicals. As a result, they are difficult to recycle at the ends of their useful lives. Mono-material fabrics, by contrast, are easily recyclable at the ends of their useful lives because they are made entirely from a single type of fiber. However, it has been difficult to achieve the levels of comfort, function, style and performance expected by consumers.
At the European fabric fairs for spring/summer 2023, some exhibitors had overcome the challenges of developing mono material fabrics and showcased innovations in advanced mono-material fabrics which offer environmental sustainability and high levels of performance.

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