Texon: Vegan alternative to leather

Vegan alternative to leather

(Source: Texon)
(Source: Texon)

The cellulose material Texon Vogue has been certified to carry the globally renowned Vegan trademark. The durable, practical, washable, cellulose-based material from Texon is widely used to create products including bags and accessories, jeans labels, book bindings, stationery, luggage tags and more. Available in a range of colors, thickness and finishes, Texon Vogue is now verified by The Vegan Society, a rigorous international standard that is used to authenticate vegan products worldwide.
The certification of the material from Texon International Group Ltd., Cleveland/UK, a manufacturer of high performance, sustainable material solutions for the footwear and textile industries, confirms that its ingredients do not and have not involved the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative, and do not or have not involved testing of any sort on animals.
Made from 100% cellulose fiber, Texon Vogue is manufactured using efficient, eco-friendly production and finishing methods. It joins a list of more than 58,000 products worldwide that have been registered by The Vegan Society.

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