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Blockchain-based platform for recycled materials

(Source: Teijin)
(Source: Teijin)

A joint project to realize a blockchain-based commercial platform for enhancing the environmental value of recycled materials for manufacturers has been launched by Teijin and Fujitsu. The collaboration will promote environmentally conscious design by leveraging Teijin's life cycle assessment (LCA) calculation method for measuring the environmental impact of manufacturing processes across the value chain, as well as Fujitsu's blockchain technology to collect and track primary data on environmental impact (including GHG emissions) to deliver reliable, transparent traceability.
As a first step in their collaboration, Teijin Ltd. and Fujitsu Ltd., both Tokyo/Japan, will start full-scale trials with the aim of realizing business in the fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) field within 2022. Based on the results of these trials, the 2 companies will consider expanding the scope of the project for other types of materials. Thereafter, they will continue to contribute to the materials industry as a starting point for the realization of a circular economy and will promote environmentally conscious design in society by promoting the use of reliable recycled materials.  
The 2 parties will further promote discussions and field trials with partner companies and organizations that support this initiative to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality on a corporate and global level.

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