Südwolle : 3rd Innovation Hub Story goes live

3rd Innovation Hub Story goes live

(Source: Südwolle)
(Source: Südwolle)

Almost 9 months after announcing their 1st collaborative innovation with EvaxCarola and a 2nd story in collaboration with Qiao Qiao in June on their trends and technologies platform Südwebs Innovation Hub, Südwolle Group has announced their 3rd story that has been developed to inspire customers with ready-made garments.
In cooperation with the based design and development studio Knitwear Lab, Amsterdam/Netherlands, elegance and athleisure have been unified in knitted trousers made 100% of Omega Twist (OTW) yarns. Omega Twist is an innovative wool yarn spinning technology. After 4 years of research and development, OTW was designed and developed from the experience and knowledge at Südwolle’s own Innovation Hub in Südwebs. The Merino wool yarns spun by this spinning technology have a more uniform and smooth appearance and the company is constantly working on updating and optimizing the technology.   
In this development, the 100% merino wool extra-fine yarn OTW Onyx Nm 48/2 from Südwolle Group, Nuremberg/Germany, presents its special qualities. The knitted trousers were developed with use of the Stoll-weave-in knitting technique, which is laid into a plated single knit base. This allows the garments to combine the comfort and softness of wool with refined structure and strong fabric quality.
Omega Twist, OTW, Stoll-weave-in = registered trademark

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