Spinnova : Circular merino wool products

Circular merino wool products

(Source: Spinnova)
(Source: Spinnova)

The sustainable textile material company Spinnova and Icebreaker, a brand of apparel manufacturer VF Corp., Greensboro, NC/USA, are developing circular mid-layer products with next-generation blends of merino wool and the sustainable Spinnova fiber that can be recycled again and again.
Spinnova Oy, Jyväskylä/Finland, and Icebreaker have begun their joint sustainability journey by entering a product development agreement on Spinnova-merino wool mid-layer materials that will have a minimal environmental footprint and high performance. The blend is sustainable and comfortable, and also fully circular.
Icebreaker is an industry sustainability pioneer with ambitious sustainability goals including abandoning the use of synthetic fibers by 2023. In 2020, 91% of Icebreaker’s materials were already merino or plant-based. 
The sustainable and fully circular Spinnova fiber is made without harmful chemicals. Spinnova fiber uses 99.5% less water and produces nearly 64.5% less COemissions than cotton production cradle to gate.

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