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Fiber solutions for different applications

(Source: STW)
(Source: STW)

As a specialist in fiber fillers, short cut fibers, fibrillated fibers and pulp, as well as customized solutions, STW processes all fiber materials; from natural fibers to synthetic fibers through to high-tech fibers.
Schwarzwälder Textil-Werke Heinrich Kautzmann GmbH (STW), Schenkenzell/Germany, has a comprehensive range of fiber fillers. Employing unique grinding technology, fiber fillers are made from randomly oriented fibers, continuous fibers, threads or woven textiles, again, according individual requirements, and also using fibers from the recycling sector. In this way, depending on fiber fineness and specification, the company can make products with a high degree of purity and uniform fiber length distribution.
The available short cut fibers have a defined length and are produced from continuous fiber tows made especially for STW. With in-house-developed production processes, the company cuts fiber tows into short cut fibers, to which adhesion promoters are applied matched to end applications. When cutting the fibers, only the fiber length is influenced, which is one of the decisive quality criteria. The quality of the spun fiber tows which are shredded into short cut fibers, meets very high requirements.
Fibrillated fibers have mechanical properties which are the same as, or similar to, those of the corresponding fiber types in filler or short cut fiber form. Their main differences derive from their branched structure (fibrils) and their demonstrably, substantially greater surface area. Owing to these specific properties of the fibers, additional effects are derived, e.g. thixotropic properties.
Among the compounds produced by STW, there are special thixotropic agents which are homogeneously mixed with amorphous silica.
In addition to a comprehensive standard program, individually tailored fiber solutions are also available. Special test projects and trials are carried out to meet customers’ needs.

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