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Research and Markets

Global Textile Market 2021-2025

pexels (Ksenia Chernaya)
pexels (Ksenia Chernaya)

The textile market has the potential to grow by US$ 549.9 billion during 2021-2025, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 5.10%. The market is driven by the increasing demand for natural fibers and growing demand for textiles in developing economies. In addition, increasing demand for natural fibers is anticipated to boost the growth of the market as well.
The industry report “Global Textile Market 2021-2025” has been released by the market research company Research and Markets Ltd., Dublin/Ireland, and provides a holistic analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers, and challenges, as well as vendor analysis covering around 25 vendors.
The textile market analyses include product segment, application segment, and geographical landscapes.

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