RadiciGroup: 100% naturally sourced yarn

100% naturally sourced yarn

(Source: RadiciGroup)
(Source: RadiciGroup)

Castor oil is the source of new 100% sustainable yarns from RadiciGroup, which can be used for fabrics and fine garments in many sectors, from fashion to sports, from automotive to home textiles.
Biofeel Eleven is a natural-sourced yarn with very good technical and environmental performance from RadiciGroup SpA, Grandino/Italy, which was launched at the Performance Days trade fair in Munich/Germany in March.
Castor beans contain around 45% oil, rich in ricinolein, from which the bio-polymer polyamide 11 (PA 11) is derived. This is the polymer the company uses for its Biofeel Eleven yarn. What remains after the first pressing is a highly effective bio-fertilizer that is returned to the soil. An example of circularity and “zero waste”. The yarn has properties such as low water absorption, increased lightness and improved strength. This means being able to produce fabrics that are both durable and comfortable to the touch and skin. Therefore, the fabric is suitable for a wide range of applications, from sportswear to workwear, from fashion garments to textiles for luxury cars.
Biofeel Eleven can also be solution dyed, i.e. dyed at the yarn production stage, saving a great deal of water and energy and also providing greater color stability.
Significantly reduced CO2 emissions from this yarn have been demonstrated through the ISO 14040 based LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology, which scientifically, analytically and systematically measures the impact of a product throughout its life cycle.

Biofeel = registered trademark

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