PureLoop @ ITMA 2023: Variable recycling solu...
PureLoop @ ITMA 2023

Variable recycling solution

PET fabric can be recycled reliably using Isec evo shredder-extruder technology (Source: PureLoop)
PET fabric can be recycled reliably using Isec evo shredder-extruder technology (Source: PureLoop)

PureLoop, a business unit of Erema Group GmbH, Ansfelden/Austria, presents its variable shredder-extruder solution Isec evo for recycling production waste at the trade fair stand. What is more, the company launches the latest development of this recycling machine: The Isec evo Fibrepro:IV has been specially designed for processing PET continuous fibers and fabrics. The Isec evo machine can be used almost universally in terms of fiber types and forms.
In the recycling of PET continuous fibers and fabrics, PureLoop has succeeded in taking a major technological step by combining the Isec evo machine with an IV optimizer. Thus, the quality of the recycled pellets could be increased to such an extent that they can also be used again for very high-quality fiber applications in the textile segment.
The Isec evo Fibrepro:IV is fed with unshredded fiber waste from production processes, and beyond the shredder it passes in a controlled flow into the extruder and is filtered. After extrusion, the melt is fine-tuned in the IV optimizer to meet the high requirements of the fiber industry. The intrinsic viscosity (IV) is raised to the required level by polycondensation so that the recycled pellets can be used again to make extremely fine fibers. Finesses of up to 2 decitex are possible with 100 % recycled pellet content. With this level of quality, the recycled pellets can be used to make filament fibers, carpet yarns or staple fibers without adding virgin material.

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