PrimaLoft: Sustainable, vegan alternative to ...

Sustainable, vegan alternative to down

(Source: PrimaLoft)
(Source: PrimaLoft)

With ThermoPlume, PrimaLoft developed insulation that is made up of feather-like plumes of synthetic fibers specially designed to mimic the lightweight warmth, loft, softness and compressibility of natural goose down. This allows vegan, sustainable textiles to be designed that deliver the style and loft of down.
The construction of ThermoPlume allows for it to be blown through traditional down-blowing manufacturing equipment, simplifying the manufacturing process.
The ThermoPlume series includes 3 different products:
- PrimaLoft Black Insulation ThermoPlume made from 100% post-consumer recycled content
- PrimaLoft Silver Insulation ThermoPlume with Cross Core technology. This fuses the PrimaLoft insulation fibers with aerogel technology to deliver a high level of lightweight warmth.
- PrimaLoft Black Insulation ThermoPlume Bio uses 100% recycled content and means the synthetic insulation fibers are biodegradable.
ThermoPlume from PrimaLoft Inc., Latham, NY/USA, is already used by more than 70 brands, including Nike, ALO Yoga, FP Movement, Helly Hansen, Montane, Vuori, and Ecoalf in outdoor and performance textiles.

PrimaLoft, ThermoPlume = registered trademark
Cross Core, ThermoPlume Bio = trademark

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