Oerlikon: 72% of R&D invested in sustainabili...

72% of R&D invested in sustainability

(Source: Oerlikon)
(Source: Oerlikon)

In 2021, Oerlikon demonstrated that it was well equipped to respond swiftly and effectively to the corona pandemic to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of its employees, customers, vendors and communities, and with minimal disruption to its operations and business. Outlining the progress and achievements of the company in environmental, social and governance topics, Oerlikon Management AG, Pfäffikon/Switzerland has published its Sustainability Report 2021.
The company has implemented energy management systems at 12 additional sites, bringing the total to 30 sites, corresponding to 54% of the group’s total energy consumption. 22% of electricity consumed was from renewable sources. Oerlikon also reduced disposed waste to 31% of total waste by increasing recycling and reuse. Around 72% of the company’s R&D investment covers the sustainability criteria.
In Oerlikon’s approach to sustainable innovation, collaboration remains key as the company remains focused on extending tool life, reducing fuel consumption in cars and airplanes, improving textile machinery efficiency, increasing recycling of fibers and materials and pioneering future technologies.
In the report, there are many case studies and examples of how Oerlikon continues to help customers with cost-effective and climate-friendly solutions and services to build their business in key markets.
»We will continue to engineer solutions that contribute to a more sustainable planet, and further work on our environmental, social and governance performance in our operations in pursuit of the 2030 targets we have set for ourselves.«
Georg Stausberg, Chief Sustainability Officer and CEO of Oerlikon’s Polymer Processing Solutions Division

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